3D Printer Arts Pen Making Doodle Arts & Crafts USB Cable

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3D Printing Pen

Imagining Creating Value-Are you still worried about children chaotic picture wall? Show that children have a talent for painting. Now develop children's hands-on skills and mental development ability. 3D printing pen, let the children win at the starting line
Creativity - Help Kids developing artistic skills, spatial thinking, and can be a great creative outlet that engages their mind as they create.
Stable performance: The performance is more stable, Safety and reassuring, be aimed at the child design the color is more refreshing, the appearance is more lovely. Let your child fall in love with 3D printing.
Temperature Adjustment - With display screen, LED display temperature adjustment. The temperature can be adjusted at any time. Feel free to exchange materials, feel free to switch, follow the heart. Adjustable printed consumable speed, the internal temperature of the printed pen can also be adjusted. control temperature can control the cooling rate of material consumables, better shape 3D stereoscopic works.

Usage - Fast booting and Upload filament then start drawing. Easy to handle. Back material: one button material. Out of material: click the long press out of material, Double-click the automatic discharge (Then click to pause the material)

What if you could draw things exactly as you imagine them? What if you could lift your pen off the paper and create real objects?
This is one of the world’s first 3D drawing pens!

It's been designed to be compact and easy to use. No software, no computer. You just plug it in and can start creating in minutes.
The beauty of this pen is how simple it is. Everyone knows how to use a pen; so we designed a 3D printing pen. If you can scribble, trace or wave a finger in the air, you can use this pen to create simple or complex objects!