620 Games In 1 Classic Mini Game Console For NES Retro TV Gamepads Nintendo

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8-bit console games, built-in 620 classic games.
Ergonomic design for comfortable handling.
It is a dual control TV handheld video classic game console.
Supports multi game and you can have a great fun.
Easy to use and to operate at affordable prices.

1. Dimension: Approx.13x10x4.5cm/ 5.12x3.94x1.77''
2. Input: AC 110V-220v
3. Output: DC 6V-150mA
4. TV Signal System: PAL/ NTSC
5. TV Status: AV
6. Transformers are not toys.
7. Use a safety isolating transformer.
9. Children under 3 years of age are prohibited from use.
10. This machine can only be used in line with the national standard of the transformer.
11. Disconnect the power supply when cleaning the machine with a cleaning liquid.
12. This unit can not be connected to a multi-connected power outlet.
Package include:(X 1-10)
1x TV Video Games Console
2 x Hardwired Joysticks
1 X Audio/ Video Cable For TV
1 X Power Charger
1 X User Manual

1. Before inserting a card, be sure to turn off the power,
2. Do not touch the socket part of the game card,
3. Do not put game consoles, game cards, power transformers,placed in extremely hot or cold environment, etc.
4. 8-bit game console, built-in 620 classic games, does not support games card.

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