Loshall Cell Repair Factor Cream for Stretch Marks and Scar Removal

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American imported Loshall scar removing cream

The cream softens the accretion of the cuticle & it smoothens the hyperplasia moulage. -
Penetrates on muscle bottom and promoting regeneration, removing pigmentation scar.,
It can reduce the tension of the scar & thus minimizes the synthesis of the collagen. *
The product applied on the surface of the skin can reduce the moisture volatilization which will keep the scar tissue moist and softened.
The cream penetrates the muscle at the bottom & promotes regeneration of the cells, thus removing the pigmentation of the scar.
Package: 50g
Collagen: skin tightening and lifting properties,
Centella Asiatica extract: Indian herb with anti-inflammatory properties
Hedychium Coronarium essential oil: soothing properties
Rhodiola Rosea: helps aid cell rejuvenating
Rose essential oil: balancing and nourishing the skin for healing purposes *
Arbutin. The seeds of arbutin can prevent the production of melanin in the skin. .
Apply a thin layer of cream on scar area
Leave it to dry for about 15-20 minutes *
Peel off the mask and wash area
Apply once a day for 30 days to achieve the best results