ASL-908 Fast Brush Hair Straightener Comb

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Automatic Hair Curler Professional Hair Styling Tools Ceramics Hair Roller Curling Iron Universal Voltage/

1. Timed settings:
8 Seconds ---10 Seconds ---12 Seconds
(3 Beeps) -----(4 Beeps)-----(5 Beeps)
Fours timer settings:
Any time=without Beeps for loose, customized curls
8 seconds=3 beeps for loose, natural curls
10 seconds= 4 beeps for soft bouncy curls
12 seconds=5 beeps for tight, defined curls
Please Note: The longer the time the hair is held inside the curl chamber, the more defined the curl will be. But results will be also vary according to hair type.

Audio off Setting
the automatic-beep indicator can be turned off if not required by sliding the timer switch"0".
3 heat settings; 170°C, 190°C and 210°C for long lasting results on different hair types.
Curl Direction Setting(Right/Left/Auto)
Use the curl derection control to choose either a uniform or natural finish,Select the curl direction by sliding the swith to either left"L" or right"R".
Instruction for use
1,Ensure hair is clean,dry and combed through.
2,Separate a section of hair that is no bigger than 2cm. When working with naturally curly or longer hair, we advise you to use even smaller section.

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