Cartoon Mini Fan USB Portable Fan/USB Charging/Cute Design/Handy Fan/Folding Standing Fan

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Handheld Mini Personal Fan, Cute Portable Cartoon Creative Wireless USB Fan

Small and unique hand-held fan, easy to carry, can be placed in a handbag, held in the hand, enjoy the cool and comfortable feeling anytime, anywhere.

Multipurpose occasion
* Leisure
* Siesta
* Workplace
* Dorm room
* Travel, Outdoor

Product information
Name: Handheld Fan
Material: ABS
Color: Blue
Size: L*W 21*8.8cm/8.27*3.46"

1. Do not put your fingers into the fan to avoid cuts.
2. Do not place the product in damp, high temperature, high heat and other places
3. Please do not use when charging, the maximum charging time cannot exceed 12 hours. Please use it after fully charging for the first time.
4. When not in use for a long time, it should be stored after being fully charged, and it should be recharged once for 2-3 months

Packaging includes
1*Mini USB personal fan

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