EELHOE Magical Treatment Hair Mask Moisturizing Nourishing Repair Hair Damage Restore Soft Hair Care

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100% brand new and high quality
Item type:Multi-functional Hair Conditioner
Net content: 50ml
Use the rule of law: Neutral, oily, dry, universal
Efficacy: Soothing scalp, improving hairiness, moisturizing, refreshing oil control, moisturizing, nourishing nutrition, hot after care, supple, strong and anti-breaking, hydrating
1. After shampooing, apply the mask cream evenly on the ends of the hair, please do not touch the scalp.
2. Gently massage, the originally dry and knotted hair will become very smooth, so that the nutritional school of the hair mask is fully absorbed.
After 3.3-5 minutes, rinse with warm water. It feels very silky. The frizzy and knotty hair instantly returns to natural smoothness
Shelf life: 3 years