5 Motor X5 Slimming Belt Massage Electric Vibrating Exercise Waist Burning Fat Leg Belly Heating Abdomen

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Description: A unique oval swinging movements can help shape the fit.

Home to enjoy relaxing and Relax massage, relieve tension and stress.

Contact point along the simulated blood circulation, reduce muscle fatigue, reduce lactic acid production.

Effective to fitness, massage, slim and ease fatigue. Convenient plug-in design, no battery needed. Burning fat, reduce weight, slow muscle fatigue.

Promote promoteionion, promote blood circulation, promote metabolism. The exclusion of harmful human toxins, so that the skin are soft and smooth.

Weight loss, fitness.

Quickly achieve weight-lowering, weight loss, massage, slimming effect.

Specification: Color: blue Power input: AC100-240V 50Hz (Universal voltage) Power output: DC12V 1000mA Max Power: 7.2W Thermodynamic temperature: Up to 30 degrees Celsius Adjustable gear: 2 Files Belt Length: 120cm