Grains Spices Kitchen Home Office Mini Beans Detachable Stainless Steel Restaurant Electric Coffee Grinder

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Food Grade Transparent Cover Lid: Food grade material, not only can be cover also to hold beans;
Stainless Steel Grinding Container: Clean easily;
Push Button Switch: Mechanical control, convenient to grind;
Cooling Bottom: Using life is longer;
Copper Motor: Durable and longer life.
Item Type:coffee bean grinders
Material: stainless steel
Color: silver+white
Type: semi-automatic
Plug:EU plug
Capacity: 5 cups or less
Rated voltage: 220-240 (V)
Rated frequency: 50-60 (HZ)
Rated power: 200 (W)
Speed control: 1 file
Size: diameter 10*high 17cm/3.94*6.69inch

1, this product can not be washed, use a wet rag to clean up.
2, indirect contact switch, press and hold to start, release and stop.
3, only dry ingredients, non-moisturizing foods Oh.
4, in use, must stop for about 1 second, and then continue to work, so that repeated operation several times, to achieve the best degree of grinding.

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