SCRU CREAM LIP CARE for lips moisturiser and crack relieve

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1.This product has super moisturizing effect. The product is rich in sodium hyaluronate, which can deeply penetrate the skin and tightly lock the moisture of the skin.
2.This product has a good nourishing effect. The product is rich in collagen, which can provide enough collagen for the lips and deeply nourish the skin.
3.The product is rich in vitamin E collagen, which can promote the growth of lip muscles, remove the aging skin tissue, make the skin of the lips more full and more elastic.
4.The rose extract in the product has a good whitening nourishing function, which can make the lips more red and shiny.
5.This product is lightweight and easy to carry, so you can moisturize your lips at any time.

Type:Lip care product
Shelf life:3 years
Feature:Moisturizing, Anti-Drying, Exfoliating
Country/Place of Manufacture:China
Package Size:10*3*3cm/3.94*1.18*1.18"

Package included:
1 x Propolis Lip Exfoliating Gel