Water Spray flat mop and sweeper 2 in 1 360 degrees

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Characteristics: Dry and wet, 2007-12-22 11:20, flexibility in cleaning, strong decontamination.
Manage different environments easily. It can also be a floor sweeper 360°, reach hard to reach places like bottom of bed, window slits, tables and chairs, deep decontamination of underneath the sofa.

Close the wall to clean the corner, gaps

Suitable for multiple sites, solid wood flooring、 composite flooring、 tiles、 windows, etc.
Fine nozzle of polymers, spray area wide, coverage, uniform fineness

Size: 41, 13 cm wide, total length 126 cm
Color: White
Casing materials: Abs
Mop materials: Ultrafine fibers
Bars: Steel
Water tank capacity: 350ml
Rotational angle: 360 degrees